It is DONE!

August 12, 2006

The game play is done! You can start from the beginning and play the game all the way out till the end. Of course there is some major bug work to be done and adding in all those nice graphics, sounds, and special effects that we put off in order to get the game in place, but other than that, this puppy is complete!

I’m not sure on how to put in pics so I’ll leave that to Steve to do. Definatly needs more screenshots 🙂


Its Just Me

July 23, 2006

I thought maybe I should drop by and say a word or three about the project since Steve made up this nice shiny blogsite. I think things are going well right now. We have nearly all of the gameplay in place and can actually begin to play through it now to find the numerous bugs in it. The screenshot of the battlescreen made me realize that the zoom effect was also zooming the background stars so fixed that all up. Steve has finally gotten the save game feature squared away (until I add in yet another global, or <gasp> arrayed type, storing images!) and that was a brute! I’m so glad I passed that off on him and took the easy 3d stuff!

Feature Creep

July 18, 2006

I recently read a post by GameDevMike that I think outlines a common problem faced by many indie game developers.  Mike’s post, titled Steve Streeting on Software Design, talks about a state of game development known as “feature creep.”

Mike defines feature creep as “When you have the freedom to implement any feature your heart desires without being subjected to approval by a higher authority (like a project manager), the temptation to throw in every cool thing you think of is high.” 

I suggest any indie game developer read Mike’s post. 

I also tracked down Steve Streeting’s seven points on software design.  It’s worth reading too.