Millennium Remake Completed!

Download: Millennium Remake (complete)

Title Screen It’s official.  Our work on the Millennium Remake has come to an end.  The contest deadline is just a day or so away and we decided to go ahead and submit our entry in its current state.  The game is finished and we’ve ironed out all the bugs we know about.  There were a few things we had hoped to add in (e.g. more animation, etc) but we didn’t have enough time.

Rick and I both have mixed feelings about the deadline.  It would have been nice to have longer to work on the game (3 months isn’t very long!) but at the same time so much has been going on in the lives of our families that we’re glad the project is over so we can focus on other things.  So now Rick can go back to his house repairs and I can get that bathtub caulked since my wife has been “reminding” me about it for the last 4 months now.

Attacking MarsOverall I’ve had a lot of fun working on this game with Rick.  It has been a long time since I did any game programming and it was nice to see the project through to completion.

We wish all of the other contest entries good luck and hope they enjoy our remake.


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  1. Anthony says:

    Any hope on a future Deuteros remake too?

  2. Robert says:

    You have done a great job. I enjoyed every minute of the game.
    A german translaten would be nice 😉
    Many greatings from the black forest.

  3. Gerry says:

    After many year I found your remake and started to play and enjoy this beautiful old game. Now I found a bug and maybe you can help.
    I made the first colony, but when I try to start the batteries the game stop for violation of memory… I tried to execute the v.1.2 update, but again have an error.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  4. Jürgen says:

    So nice to see that game awake in a fine grafic, but you have make a callculating failur, my base is attacked so quick in time ( in easy and in normal level ) that i have no chance to have fun in game.
    i mean an attack with same ship like my fleet ok, but one day or two later ten ship or more, thats a little heavy, same i restart new game to make a little more defensiv, but look same shi… again, and the joke they blast my fleet complet, and the biggest joke i had only 35 fighters and they came with 35 also and shoot my fleet down.
    i have to that time research 4 planets, all generators, all transporter ( expet fleet carrier ), and 10 of the new research points.
    soi thnk there is no more fun with that game so and i need to play with dosbox the old one again 😦
    but the look and gameplay is intressting, but a little heavy when the martian are so grazy that you haven t time to rebuld lost items ( generators or no time to build a litle devense……
    greets from germany

  5. Gerry says:

    Hello again,
    I tried to disassemble your program (Millennium.exe) and found a mistake on the instruction
    100F6208 rep movsd ; Warning! Wrong OPCODE combination: REPNE(F2) OPCODE
    (I’m using PE Explorer and HIEW) I’m trying to fix it but I’d like also to
    understand more how this works.
    What kind of program do you use to remake this game? I have BlitzMax
    but I have no idea on how to load the source.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

  6. Rick says:

    Anthony : For myself, no, I have no plans of doing up a duetros remake.

    Robert : I’m glad you liked it 🙂 ! But unfortunately the way we wrote the game would require some extensive changes and graphics changes to incorperate a german or any other language version. It would require more than simply changing the language because centering and page layout are based on how the characters were layed out.

    Gerry : Im sorry, but I have no idea why the game would crash at that point. Can you describe the crash (the words used) a little more in detail?

    Jurgen : It sounds like you are building up your forces to much. If you place too many units at a planet/moon (I think over 30?) then the Martians will feel like you are building up your forces for a pre-emptive strike against them so will retalliate very harshly to destroy your forces and will continue to do so until the average number of ships you have on all bases is less than 30.

    Gerry : We used BlitzBasic3d to write the program.

  7. bongus says:

    plz fix dl link

  8. Jorge says:

    Just downloaded the millenium remake and, being a huge fan of the original, I was eager to play it… only, if I run the millenium.exe file, the screen goes black for a few seconds, then I get a “Memory acess violation” error”.
    Do you have any insights on this?

    (’cause I really would like to play the game, and the old DOS version is sooo crappy).

  9. Jorge says:

    Oops, forget my last post.
    With the 1.2 patch everything is just fine. 🙂

  10. glitch01 says:

    The download links have now been fixed. Sorry for the delay!

  11. Jorge says:

    Just finished the game in “normal” mode… and really missed the old ending “sequence” image.
    Oh well…

    Excellent remake, though. 🙂

  12. Steve says:

    Just downloaded both zip files, the first one is empty, the second one contains an exe file and that’s it.

    runing the exe I get a memory violation error.

    I take it something’s missing

  13. Nick says:

    I have a Sony Vaio Laptop and I get the same, (Black screen then error)

  14. Nick says:

    Can’t wait to play it though, Loved the origional

  15. Sigsbald says:

    Thanks, thanks thanks!

    Of all games i’ve ever seen, there were just 2 i hoped for a remake one day:
    Krondor (Pc) and Millennium (Amiga/Atari).

    Well, the last dream has come through, AND been done greatly.

    good job!

    Thank you again!

  16. Fredrik says:

    I recieve a message that goes like this:


    Integer divide by zero

    And that is it. Nothing more, and then the game shuts down. This happens when I try
    to install the first power cell on a recently colonized planet/moon

  17. Fredrik says:

    Oh, and I have tried this on both versions. Still the same sh1t.

  18. M. I. Orikasa says:

    It took a bit of getting used to, but I liked this remake. There seems to be one major problem: I was able to get a SIOS on Earth within three game-years! If I recall correctly, you’re not supposed to do that until you’ve defeated the Martians and recovered the Terramorpher, correct?

  19. mtdew says:

    When you guys run the game, check in the credits section and see what version you have? It will be located in the bottom right of the credits window. No version number means the very first release with lots of bugs before we did any fixes.

    I experienced some down time and data transfer on my host server so its possible the wrong files got put back up. I believe the latest version should be 1.21. The “colonize Earth” too early bug has been squashed (at least I thought it was) so double check the version number.

    The link on this site downloads the latest version file (V1.21).

  20. butcher says:

    This is awesome, guys. Great remake of one of my favourite games of all time.

    Couple of questions – it seems like you can replicate just about all of the numerical data and mechanics of the game by observing the behaviour of the original version. But how did you go about creating the AI for the Martians and the spread of the flu? Were you trying to be true to the original or just creating something that you found was fun to play? I noticed Jurgen’s question above about the Martians attacking en force, and I don’t remember that behaviour from the original.

    Also, any chance you will be distributing source code for this? I’m curious to go check it out.

  21. mtdew says:

    Millennium Remake was our entry into a “Retro” competition with some requirements being taking an older “retro” game and bringing it up to modern day with graphics and sound enhancement. It was also requested that we add personal touches to the game so that it was not an exact clone of the original with the idea of improving upon game play.

    We did not decompile or hack the orginal game at any level. We gathered all of our game data from repeated playings of the original version on Amiga Emulators. We tried very hard to ballance out a new game that utilized the majority of the original games but included some changes to enhance the game play. It was the original game formula that we liked so much so we did not want to change the experience too drastically.

    We guessed at the method of viral spread and actually have the contamination spread by infected ships. Once a colony or ship was infected then if that colony or ship ever came in contact with a non infected ship or planet then they would become infected. I guess you could say the cure saved the people, but the trade off is that they are forever more carriers of the virus. This is why some people may *think* they’ve contained the plague only to see it pop up in previously unaffected colonies once their ships start moving around again.

    I disliked the original games usage of fighter/satelites by player control. We only had 90 days to write and submit the game so working out a player controlled combat scene seemed like it would be too complicated. In hindsight and the problems we ran into with the AI controlled fighters it may have actually been easier to go with a player controlled military! One side effect of the lack of time was that the more ships/sats a player made the slower the game ran. This was an optimization problem that we didnt have time to fix properly so we set up the Martian raid to occcur to try and keep down the player’s ship/satelite count. Basically if your fleet averages larger than 30 units per colony then the Martians attack with a vengeance till those numbers get down. Add up all your fighter/sat units, divide that number by how many colonies you have and if its larger than 30 (i think) then expect a huge Martian Attack.

    Of course we didn’t expect that so many players would actually try and colonize EVERY colonizeable planet! I wouldn’t suggest trying that unless you have a fast system!

    Other changes included many more researchable items, the “pass time till next event” button, enhanced production screen, and the automatic mining pattern of the Grazers. We had plans to add much much more such as randomly generated star system, transfer of habitats and bunkers to other colonies, more indepth AI settings to program your fighters on attack strategies, more ship types, ability of player to play Lunar or Martian side of the game, etc. Unfortunatly we just never got to that stuff and once we finished up and entered the contest neither of us had a desire to work further on the program. We tried to correct some bad bugs that got through but for the time being neither of us is currently planning any further work on this project.

    I doubt if we release the code. Since it is a remake we can never profit from this game so the only real consolation is that we keep the code for ourselves. After a sometimes grueling 90 days of hardcore, long hours, abandon our families, coding we feel we should keep at least that for ourselves.

  22. David says:

    Downloaded this a while ago (just after you fixed the link) and I wanted to say what an excellent job you’ve done of remaking this, one of my favourite games (although I was an ST man rather than an Amiga one).
    Personally, I feel you’ve caputred the essence of the game perfectly and the enhancements are an asset rather than a detraction.
    This must be something that you’re proud of and justifably so. Well done.

  23. Millennium 2.2 and Deuteros (I buy when they was in shops in 90’s) are bouth good and almost best games in world. I have Amiga versions about thiese games and also pleyed emulator versions. Remaken I downloaded yesterday and tryed… I also have doing ‘remake’ about Deuteros 🙂 But it only had mokup about things wat can be in there. I did get screenshots about Amiga emulator version and ripping graphichs from there. 🙂

  24. Alistair Nash says:

    I’m also getting an Integer divide by zero error when I turn on a colonies generator.
    I had shipped out some additional generators from the moon before trying to turn one on at the new colony. I’m not sure but i think the colonies equipment inventory messed up when i unloaded the new generators from the transport ship.
    I can’t test that theory because I overwrote the saved game and will need to start a new game to find out.
    Would you like me to Email you a copy of the saved game that DOES crash out when a generator is switched on.
    Otherwise a truly excellent remake of a truly excellent game

  25. Gert says:

    Great! I used to love this game I played it round on my Amiga a zillion times.
    What a shame I can’t be enjoying this remake as much as you all because i can’t seem to launch ships or start production on anything. But anyway I love it that there is more people out there that still remember this game.

  26. David Stern says:

    You are great, guys! Millennium 2.2 is one of my two favourite games (second is Deuteros). You have done perfect work. Now, I’m waiting for Millennium Online Mod or Remake of Deuteros, or maybe Deuteros Online 🙂 🙂 🙂

  27. David Stern says:

    And one more thing: Maybe you can prepare also Millennium Ramake for Mac/Linux??

  28. Mike5 says:

    Great remake, but I’m getting a weird bug. Things I put into the bunker tend to disappear – for example I put a power generator into the bunker, check it later and it’s gone. I haven’t play long enough to know when exactly. I have a feeling that it happens when the bunker gets upgraded. Also power generators (the ones that are not in use) disappear randomly, without suffering any attack.

    Other that that. Great game.

  29. vmp32k says:

    nice remake,

  30. StaraBaka says:

    Great remake! Great job!

    Again, I am spending all of my free time in front of PC.

    Hope you’ll do the same good job with Deuteros!

  31. dan king says:

    i love this game still have the original disk for atari st 550 and i compleat it 100% every time, shame my atari dont work anymore. first off you did a great job on this remake, i like were you took it for game play and development. one thing tho ….. . . . i have played easy and normal and now i have compleated hard but i havent been attacked by the martian armada at the end after i have built the terraformer and am half way thro the building of my juggernaught. 10 days into building it is when they attack and nothing has happend yet. i always build up my forces for that attack, did you take it out? (can you tell i played this game way too much??)

  32. mtdew says:

    I recall how odd it was when one of the colony commanders says they saw some Martian ships and no attack came after that in the emulated Amiga version we went by. I don’t think either of us experienced an attack during the end game (of the emulation) so we didn’t catch that during the deadline crunch.

    Because of the nature of the programming (3 month cram) we just didn’t catch that. Because we did rush to get things done I, for one, have trouble following the code we did now. I just no longer have that feel for it to make changes and track down problems like I had when we were fresh into it.

    Steve and I have discussed it and we both agree that we aren’t going to be doing Deutros. Neither of us played that game before so it doesn’t have the allure that Millennium had.

  33. glitch01 says:

    Dan … after a little memory jogging I now recall why there are no attacks at the end. Though it seems he must have forgotten, Rick and I did have a number of discussions on this topic while coding that portion of the game. The emulator version we were using to play the game wasn’t attacking and Rick thought that was strange… I thought that the message saying there were ships sighted (I don’t recall the exact wording for that message) may have been alluding to the fact that some colonies were beginning to declare independence and leaving their posts… I saw that as an early sign of this taking place and I must have convinced Rick of this idea or I’m sure we would have coded the end attacks! So it wasn’t really a bug, per se… I’m glad you like our remake despite this overlook 🙂


  34. dan king says:

    its ashame that final armada attack wasent in there but i will thank you for making the fighters computer controlled, you wont belive how many fighters i lost when i played this at the age of 7 🙂 have you played the st emulation ?? if not give it a go that final attack will suprise you ;)….this remake will keep me going for a long time cos i cant get 100% anymore :O

  35. Steve says:

    Spent ages trying to get the “interger” problem when starting the first colony’s power up . Cannot do it. Anyone else solved it?

  36. Tersius says:

    Still wholly enamoured with this game – although I do miss the end scene/music. However after completing it once I had another go and was unable to get the martian “you had been warned not to leave the moon – now we are at war,” message to proc. Despite all atempts at sending out probes/grazers. It simply moves on to the ” we left it too late message” around Feb 2201 and I get waves and waves of fighters attack the moon.

  37. Dr. Dude says:

    Hey, never knew a remake has been done, Deuteros is being in remake right now

    Where? Have a look on me link
    If you guys don’t mind, il host it on my site

    (curent in transfur of forum)

  38. […] For all the ones who have played the original, either on PC, Amiga or Atari, there is a remake. […]

  39. grue says:

    Awesome remake! I am only saddened by one serious bug. After playing a bit, I will always come to a point where I can no longer name ships. In fact all the buttons on that screen (name ship, transfer cargo, scrap ship, etc) stop working. Interestingly this breaks both the game install and the save game. In other words, I have to unzip the game from fresh files again, and if I use the same save game file, the bug will simply also break the new install. In other words, I have to start all over again.
    Problem is, this bug always shows up. I started 4 games so far and all come to this sooner or later. It’s a real shame, cause otherwise this is a perfect remake! Slightly improved without but still basicall true to the original.
    Is it just me or have other people witnessed this bug as well? This is on Windows XP.
    PS.I too have witnessed that things disappear form the bunker over time.

  40. glitch01 says:


    This is the first time I have heard about the ship naming bug. How many ships do you have when the bug shows up? We haven’t been fixing any bugs for some time now but I have been trying to keep track of the ones being posted. Any chance you could email a saved game (with the bug you’re talking about) to our email accounts listed in the readme.txt file of the game?

    That bunker bug is rather irritating because we knew about it and thought we had it fixed prior to releasing the game. (sigh)

    Otherwise I’m glad to hear that you like the remake!


  41. grue says:

    Typical me to run into the one bug that no one else has ever seen!
    In all four games the bug has shown up after an hour or two of play. Usually around the time I have made my first colony. I never had many ships, maybe 10-20 fighters and 10 or so probes/carracks/etc when this shows up.
    I’m emailing you the save game now. Thanks for looking at it.

  42. Tony says:

    I just ran across the remake and it is awesome I used to play it on the atari. I just completed a game myself on normal mode and I did also notice the problems Grue mentioned with the naming of the ships and the items disappearing from the bunker over time. I would add that only one other thing occurred to me while playing and that was some informational dialogs would come up usually after loading a save game and they were blank, so I am not sure what information I missed. It didn’t seem to impact my ability to continue to play the game but I do have a save of the game that has a dialog popup right after loading.

    Other than that its an awesome remake, and was really great to be able to play it again.

  43. Mike says:

    Thank you very much for this excellent remake! I’ve really enjoyed playing but like some others I’m getting the following error:

    Integer divide by zero, and then the game shuts down.

    It also happens when I try to install the first power cell on a recently colonized planet/moon. I have the latest version 1.21 as downloaded from the link above. I’ve tried several times with different size power cells to no avail.

    I perfectly understand if you no longer have the time/inclination to look at this project but sadly the bug prevents me from playing the game any further.

    Thank you in any case for a brief glimpse into nostalgia.


  44. Tony says:

    I have recently hit that Integer divide by zero error also Mike, and I think I know when and why it happens.

    I just started to play some in expert mode and found that in expert mode you can potentially colonize venus and or mercury. But if you do and activate the power cell there you immediately get the error. I believe it has to do with the fact that in the other tow modes you can never colonize venus or mercury and the power cells are solar based. So the calculations are all based off the assumption that you are beyond earths moon. When you are closer to the sun it can’t take it into account that the distance from the sun is less than the moon and therefore negative. So it just blows up. I don’t think it would be a hard fix to correct. Perhaps if you get some time it could be fixed.

    But either way Thanks again for a great remake.


  45. Adam says:

    Thank you for this remake one of my all time faves, over the years I would still drag this one from time to time for a few hours of play. I’ve also encounter the bugs mentioned (the divide by zero only happens if you colonize mercury or venus. With the bunker bug I’ve noticed that I can also put an active (running) power generator inside it. the Gen dissappears from the power management screen, but I still get full power from it.


  46. trash says:

    bring back deutros now that was a good game bring it back…….. just download millenium cant wait to play it its like going back to my childhood

  47. Ian says:

    Sweet, you guys rock, I played this for an hour before going to work this morning, it brought back so many good memories of playing it on the ST 🙂

  48. wr says:

    I was so happy when I found your remake of my favorite amiga-game and I played it without a break from the beginning to the end. Grandious work!
    There are 2 small things I’d like to tell:
    1. The intro/beginning-music and the end on amiga was the real stunning Adagietto from Mahler’s fifth symphony and it fitted perfectly to the contents of the game in its sad but hopefull mood. If you could reuse this!…
    2. I waited for the Mars-armada a very long time, but it did’nt show up… good luck! 😉

  49. glitch01 says:


    We’re glad you enjoyed the remake!

    I did find a copy of the original music when we were working on this remake but I no longer remember why I chose not to use it.. either it was in a format I coudln’t easily work with/convert or I just liked the track we used better.. I don’t recall the reasoning.

    As for the Mars-armada.. well, it seems that was a mistake on our part 🙂 I think this may have been discussed here already but during development of this game we used an Amiga emulator to play-test the original game and see how everything worked. For whatever reason the Mars Armana never appeared while Rick was play-testing the original. We had many talks about about this and Rick couldn’t remember for sure if there was actually an Armana when he played it back on an actual Amiga or not.. I theorized that possibly what Moon control *thought* was a Mars Armana was actually all the colonies liberating themselves into space or something. When playing it on the emulator it went right from the mars armana warning to the colonies liberating themselves, so this seemed to make sense. Must have been a bug in the emulator or something!


  50. Moon_Commander says:

    I is a great remake that allows me to experience the full nostalgia of playing the original years ago. Thanks for making it.

    One thing, though. When the game begins, it randomizes which planets can be colonized. In itself this adds greater variety to the game. A good idea in my book.

    But I just found glitch – in a recent game I could colonize Mercury, only when I try to activate a SolaGen cell there, the game crashes returning a error message saying “Integer division by zero”, which to me suggests a routine in the code that divides by zero which was unexpected and so not accounted for.

    Is there a way to fix this?

    Oh, and does anyone know a website, where we can see the original ending?

  51. diego says:

    Hi guys,

    thanks for the astonishing work…I am a fan of both deuteros and millenium 2.2 and this remake is a dream come true!

    I would be appreciate ti have a solution for the mercury/venus integer problem otherwise no prob, we’ll colonize other planets

    As for the non-functioning buttons in the ship-bay preventing the new ship naming, try to dock/take off with another ship and then access back to th bay via colony map or via ship list directly…I manage to override the problem this way

    My next dream is nother chapter of the saga…

  52. mikej says:

    Never played Amiga, but fell in love with your remake… great job guys!!!
    I have some game play questions, since I never played the original. In the defense screen, what do those two side bars control for fighters and orbital lasers?

    How do I build on other colonies. I thought it couldn’t be done, but then suddenly, one of my habitats got built on Oberon, I think. I tried building 100 more, but never got anything but moon habitats. 😦

    Also, does anyone know what triggers the ability to make bunkers? I’ve researched everything, explored everything, and taken Mars, but I still can’t make a bunker… I did last game, but can’t remember when.

    Speaking of remakes, has anyone heard of Alien Legacy, an old PC/DOS game. Loved it, but the games controls were processor based instead of clock based, I think. On faster machines, the interface became unusable. I was so sad because my old PC died before I could finish it, and I couldn’t find another computer ‘crappy’ enough to run the game.

  53. Indi says:


    It’s nice to see again such a great game !

    I wonder if you ask something to Activision or Ian bird before doing this remake, or if you have to do it ?!

    Of course, it’s an old game but the license may (must ?) be valid.

    I want to code a remake of an other 20 years old game and I wonder about that.

    If you have any answer, it will be great !

  54. Rick says:

    The contest that we entered was for a Retro site which involved games of a retro nature – older games for systems that are no longer in active distribution or being supported. We were also not seeking to make any profits from the game nor try to sell it in any manner. Since you can’t purchase games like this or even get support for them from websites then you can pretty much figure they are dead.

    The main thing would be that there is no intent to profit from their game. If you are looking to sell something that you remake then you will definitely want to contact the original creators and hammer out any legal details.

  55. Leo says:

    Loved the original, love the remake. The original did have an armada battle but only if you beefed up every colony and then built your forces way up after attacking them with the fleet carrier. I’ve noticed some of the minor glitches mentioned but the most annoying is the integer division by zero glitch. Are you guys still patching the game or is that phase of the game project over? Either way, great job on what you’ve done. Remake plays alot smoother with the new interface design. Love this game.

  56. Rick says:

    Sorry Leo, we’re pretty much done with the game. I don’t think either of us could easily go back into the code and even understand how we got it to work.

  57. Sarah says:

    Shame you’re done. I was about to comment that it’s really cool to see a remake of this game and then ask if you knew why in WINE all I get is a big purple box where I assume pretty is supposed to display. Kind of annoying as the whole intro sequence works just fine.

    Either way, well done, keep it up and so on 🙂

  58. glitch01 says:

    Just a quick note to anyone who is still monitoring these comments…

    Rick and I have dusted off the source code and started to look over it again with hopes of fixing the known bugs in the game. One major ‘divided by zero’ bug has already been fixed and we’re working on others.

    I will post a notice to this site once a new version is ready for download.


  59. MiDWaN says:

    Greetings and congrats on your remake!

    I couldn’t run it on my WinXP x64 system though… It crashed horribly (BSOD).

    Any chance for a x64 build, or at least a version that runs on it even under WoW64?

  60. glitch01 says:


    Niether Rick nor I have access to a 64 bit system. A build to run on such a system will not happen until one of us upgrades to 64 bit.


  61. MiDWaN says:

    OK, fair enough.

    I would be happy to help with any testing if you’d like.

  62. Tcheko says:


    great game but filled of bugs but managed to finish it.

    Some bugs

    – bunker item leak
    – sometime martians keep attacking you even if you have less then 30 fighter/orb
    – mark n disapear even if no attacks
    – I managed to build an unnamed SIOS
    – I have the attack report displayed all the time
    – …

    Code release please! Many people would be glad to fix those little trouble and make this game even better !

  63. Rick says:

    Bunker Item Leak – Assuming you mean things in bunker sometimes disappear? Aware of this one and looking into it.

    Martians keep attacking – Assuming you mean that after the Martians accuse you of stockpiling, they continue to attack with huge forces even after yours are gone? Need more description on this if you can please

    mark n disappears – We are searching for this bug. Something is resetting the players generator counts. Need to catch it in action.

    Unnamed SIOS – Can you explain how you did it. SIOS should be named after the planet/moon they are going to automatically.

    Attack report all the time – That is intentional. When you enter the combat screen the last battle you had will be displayed for a few seconds and then vanish.

    I’ve added your bugs to our to-do list and we’ll hopefully have them figured out for the next update.

    • Marcel Schaffer says:

      not longer ago than a few days, I downloaded this remarkable remake, of which I played on the Amiga, more than 2 decades ago. Unfortunately, I can the remake not play too far, sice the game will freeze, at any unpredictable moment, when my mousepointer klicks somewhere in the upper area, most if I choose the roster. As farthest as I went, was February 2204. I had already colonized Leda and Titan. It’s a real pity, that I will not be able to go further. For information: I play the game under Win7/64 Ultimate; Intel i7 x980 Extreme; MB ist Asus Rampage II Extreme, 12 GB of SDDRam; Graphic Card is Asus Ares. Would enormously appreciate for any help to this problem.

      best regards, Marcel

  64. Tersius says:

    I assume the Mark n comment refered to the Mark iii – iv etc, generators which disappear (which is slightly irritating if you’ve been stockpiling them in preperation for a big thrust of colonisation).
    I found all mine on Leda (my 1st colony) miraculously transplanted by the magic of the pixies presumably as I certainly didn’t take them there 🙂

  65. liam pollitt says:

    any chance of a Mac version?

  66. Nick says:

    i just finished the game, and I loved every second. Yeah, there are a few bugs, and it gave the odd Memory Access Violation, but on the whole it was more stable than the original (on the ST), I found. The graphics were a nice mix of old and new! I loved seeing the old mutants again, and the moon graphic in the background. The gameplay balance was good, and I thought some of the extra additions you made (upgrades etc) were very in keeping with the feel of the original: Not too much and not too little. I missed the orbital screen though. Not having that made some ship maintenance in the middle section of the game a bit painful, but it wasn’t a deal-breaker. Having the animated planets, the twinkly stars, the corona in the sun, the changing colour of the earth.. All absolutely awesome!

    Well done on this remake, as an avid player of the original (finished over 25 times!), I thought your remake was great. I really hope you get a chance to enhance it a little someday, and perhaps squish a few of the bugs. (I’ve put a few that I found below).

    : Occasionally two ships will ‘become entangled’ i.e. operations on ship 1 affect ship 2 and vice-versa. The only resolution would be to scrap one before the game crashed.
    : Right-clicking sometimes went straight back to the ship loadout, instead of the bays screen.
    : Energy meters on new colonies read the value from the moon base energy meter until a day passes or so.
    : Fighter AI doesn’t seem to do much. ‘protect satellites’ still lets the fighters head off into the distance, leaving the satellites vulnerable.

  67. Thomas says:

    Thanks very much for this remake. I had the original in Amiga but never found the time to finish it. Stopped when I left the solar system. Now I will continue 🙂

  68. marczy says:

    This is an awesome remake and I have recently played it to the end. I also have the PC version of the original.
    I also found some minor bugs:
    – if you load your carrack with minerals, the free space in it can turn into negative.
    Some other differences:
    – only FIVE extra habitats (on Moon, six with your original one) were allowed in the original version, which resulted in the max population of 600 on your moon base.
    – in your (non-lunar) colonies, no extra habitats could be built but the max pop of them was always 2000 (!) regardless of the actual habitat capacity of 100. This could happen because ALL of these were mutant colonies – so in the remake, if the planet’s athmosphere is vacuous, its max pop should remain 100.
    – the actual max pop of the planet is 101, 201 etc. instead of 100, 200 etc.
    – the power plant counters of the colonies do NOT seem to actually reset but the power generators sometimes get TELEPORTED into one of your colonies.

    … but the animation displayed when you attack the Martians is AWESOME!!!

  69. Teemu says:

    Awesome, I found out of your great piece work while searching for the original from the net! After installation played 8 hours straight! Thank You for this remake!

  70. […] Posted by Hueristic Where’s the link! I wanna try it! Oh, sorry. Here’s a link to the Millennium remake. I’m pretty sure it’s Freeware, but if for some reason it’s not, let me know and I’ll take it down. […]

  71. Rob says:

    FInally found this after year of looking, I played the Atari ST version several times I’m looking forward to get the time to play!
    Will you be doing a Deuteros: The Next Millennium remake? I’d love to see that, only got to finish that once!
    Many thanks and happy new year!

  72. Richard Green says:


    So I’m stuck. I need chromium to build by terraformer, but the only place it exists is on Venus, and even though I can colonize it, I can’t mine the chromium because of the nasty divide by zero bug, which wont let me put install a solagen to power up the mining operation :o(

    Sigh, really wanted to finish it today, it was a fantastic remake!

    Can provide save game file if required (maybe possible to hex-edit the Venus base power??)


  73. Richard Green says:


    So I’m stuck. I need chromium to build my terraformer, but the only place it exists is on Venus, and even though I can colonize it, I can’t mine the chromium because of the nasty divide by zero bug, which wont let me put install a solagen to power up the mining operation :o(

    Sigh, really wanted to finish it today, it was a fantastic remake!

    Can provide save game file if required (maybe possible to hex-edit the Venus base power??)


  74. Occitane53 says:

    I would buy it again, this was one of my favorite game ever. Played enough on my Atari to wear down the mouse, then I could not buy a mouse as they were discontinued in Canada. Frustration…mostly for my family. Not young as you can see, but thanks again for sharing this with us, truly appreciate it. If you market this, I am a taker…

  75. Matija says:

    Excellent remake!!

    Though i’ve noticed something unusual, despite all crash here crash there posts, it looks like it is running perfectly on Vista x64 (which i’ve installed recently) and if i remember correctly it didn’t quite work on Vista x86.
    Probably x64 difference, as game was already 1.21 by feb 2008, when i’ve tried it first.

    Of all i’ve seen wrong power output on colonies,
    battles without firing a single laser shot (35 attackers).

    On the other thought, i wonder why nobody did remeake with licence and sold it, not for M2.2, not for Deuteros.

    But game end should reallly be along the lines of original game end.
    One more music sequence and one more picture.

    Many thanks for the game, it is as good as had ever been…


  76. Andighan says:

    Un jeu qui m’a appris le systeme solaire l’organisation et fait tourner mon atari 520 pendant quelques longues soirées, j’ai pu y rejouer grace a vous merci !!.. Very nice remake nice job, I can play now without my atari !!

  77. book of duh says:

    Problems and issues:

    1. Why do I have to name probes before I can launch them? Why don’t they have a default name, such as oh I don’t know… “PROBE”. Since that’s what I end up calling all of them anyway. Why don’t all craft have default names, perhaps even — if you’re feeling frisky — with an incremental number at the end?

    2. I’m happy to report that the “bunker bug” that you knew about and didn’t fix also applies to anything in dock. If I put cargo in a carrack and leave it docked, the cargo magically vanishes to the land of wind and ghosts. In fact, I believe your “bunker bug” and your “disappearing power plant bug” are the same as this bug.

    3. Why do I have to launch craft before I can set a course and let autopilot take over? Why can’t I do that straight from dock? It would save a click. Are the crew horribly claustrophobic and unable to function until they’re in open space?

    4. Why are the grazers limited to 5 passes before they have to be manually reset? Do they get confused on the 6th attempt? Why do they require any input at all from me after I launch them? To kill the suspense, I’m only going to end up sending them back for another go anyway. If I want them back I can always manually recall them, though I honestly can’t think of a reason why I’d want to do that.

    “I just no longer have that feel for it to make changes and track down problems like I had when we were fresh into it.”

    “I don’t think either of us could easily go back into the code and even understand how we got it to work.”

    The First Immutable Law of Coding is, Thou Shalt Always Always Always Comment Thine Code.

  78. Mt Dew says:

    Of course you get full support of game bugs to equal the amount of money you payed to play.

  79. alien says:

    Bugs(BUG) and their Workarounds(WA, if possible):

    1. BUG: Venus and Mercury – “integer divide by zero”-Error:

    This happens when in an expert game you try to setup Energy-generators on those 2 inner planets. It *always* crashes! So if you want to play it make sure that either

    WA(well, not really):
    a) make sure that Venus and Mercury aren’t colonisable (probe early to find out!), good if you want a maximum-percentage-win.


    b) make sure that Chromium isn’t located on one of ’em so you can simply ignore em.

    2. BUG: vanishing generators(after attacks (and after applying vaccine, see #3(!))

    They don’t vanish per se, it’s just that on martian attacks they sometimes get destroyed(without extra-statement that it happened!), even if ‘outsourced’ into a docked carrack.

    a) Outsource on carrack and start it into orbit before the attack


    b) check your generators after *every* attack!! ( OUTSOURCE the moon-generator temporarily before applying the vaccine(into carrier, eventually->orbit)

    4. BUG: Juggernaut-related game-crash (“memory access violation”) when trying to switch to dock-view in late-game.

    This happens when your dock-view used to show the contents of the fleet-carrier, it like being ‘internally selected’.
    So when you build the Juggernaut and the try to put the terraformer into it the game will crash, as it by default tries to show the content of the fleet-carrier..which no longer exists!

    Simply make sure that, before building the Juggernaut, the dock-view is not set to fleet-carrier, but rather just the bay-overview (or some other ship).

    Final Note:
    If you keep those things in mind it is a really wondeful and nicely playable adaptation of the original!
    Very well done guys, ‘two thumbs up’! ^^

  80. Tireiron Mike says:

    Just found out about this game. I loved the original. I think that I found another bug for 1.21. Whenever I go to a ship that’s not in Luna’s orbit I get a “memory access violation” error. I’ve tried this on Vista, Windows 7, and XP. Could it be my NV250 GTS which has lots of known compatibility problems?

  81. Psyman says:

    I just discovered this game & loved the Amiga one so was eager to give it a go. Its all fine until a Grazer reaches the asteroid belt. I switch to the grazer view & my computer instantly resets. Any ideas why? I dont have problems with any other games or programs.

  82. Psyman says:

    I managed to get a little further last night, it reset after I click the start mining button this time.
    I’ve check all my drivers are the latest ones etc & now am stumped.

  83. Psyman says:

    Sorted it out – my gfx card had become faulty. Using an old one instead & now the game works fine & I love it !

  84. Tom (Germany) says:

    @psyman: I don´t have that problem, but I have an idea how you could avoid this.
    Try to launch a grazer on moon. Then go to the grazer “Bridge”. (I hope it dosn´t reset here) Then click “Begin Mining Duty” (the green circle)
    Your Grazer will now shuttle between Moon and Asteroids and collect Minerals. After 5 Circles it will report to you and ask for new orders. Benefit: You don´t need to aktivate the grazer screen on asteroid belt. Problem: You cannot select an asteroid. The grazer will deliver the first one he finds.

  85. Marc says:

    I recently downloaded the old PC version of this to play again on my Linux laptop then found your remake.

    Any chance of a Linux compile?


  86. GrujaRU says:

    Excellent remake !!!! Deuteros remake too?

  87. MQsto says:

    I remember playing the competition edition and loving it. But now I am stuck. No matter what I try, I can not name the ships, thus no playing for me 😦

    Otherwise, lovely remake – not too modernized, but the playability has been updated in just the right places.

  88. trompelemonde says:

    First post for 2010! Happy New Year to all. Hopefully someone’s still monitoring these responses.

    Great remake, love it. Am totally bushed at work today beause I stayed up real late playing it. Loved the original but the micro management of grazers got real tedious real fast, so their automation in this remake is a wonderful thing.

    I’ve also experienced a bug which I havent seen mentioned on here yet. I’ve built my defences up to a reasonable level, not enough to trigger mass attacks from the Martians, just their regular attacks. However on moon base, the fighter/laser AI has crapped out. When the martians attack my fighters and lasers just fly about aimlessly, not firing at anything. As such the Martians rip my colony to shreds. It is kinda frustrating 🙂

    The only thing I can think of that may have triggered this is that I had vaccine on moon base, but mistakenly loaded it onto a carrack, thereby letting the pop get infected again. So I interrupted building a mark x to build a new vaccine. Fighter and orb laser braindeath happened after that.

    I’m using ver 1.21.

  89. mbd says:

    Considered porting this to the iPhone?

  90. Neil says:

    Incredible to see this game back, many hours lost to the original all those years ago. I’m not getting too far though, once I get a ship in orbit of another planet or moon, and use the roster to switch to that ship, I get the “Memory Access Violation” crash out. Gutted, I want to finish it again! Well done guys on remaking this Classic, hopefully I can figure out why it’s dropping out.

  91. Russ says:

    I’m having exactly the same problem as Neil. At the moment I’m trying to run on Windows 7. I’ll try running it on my oldest version of XP and see how I get on.

  92. Saiful Rizal says:

    Nice! You are totally awesome, dudes. This remake reminds me when I was 13 years old (1992) spending much time in the original game in front of a 286 PC and always being scolded by my mum. Thanks for the reminiscence of that old days. Kudos again!

  93. Alex says:

    This game indeed looks very good however I also suffer from the same bug as Neil and Russ, my PC is a x64 which could explain why it does not work.

  94. Rick Allen says:

    I loved this game as a younger man. Its really cool to see the old strategy games come back to life. Its all about the graphics and gore and explosions for the kids these days. I love a long winded game that requires alot of though and planning ahead to win. love it thanks guys

  95. Hi!!

    Nice job!! But PLEASE!! Pretty please, also redo Deuteros!!



  96. Fenrir Wolfganger says:

    Steve and Rick, Thanks very much for this remake. Like many others I played this game many times as a (old) child and your remake is true to the original but with plenty of improvements. To be honest when I first saw you had put in changes I thought “NNNOOO!” but your changes really do enhance the gameplay. My thanks to you both and also to your long-suffering families on giving you up for those three long months. Thanks again and Ciao

  97. Fenrir Wolfganger says:

    After writing the above I wanted to add re the changes:

    1) My first thought on the Grazer Mining Tour option was “I won’t be using that”, within a short while it was indispensible.

    2) I loved the old battles using a joystick to blow apart martians and was horrified that you had knocked that out but the new system worked perfectly for me, really enjoyed watching the battles.

    3) That of course led to the idea of building up massive fleets of fighters so having this resulting in massive martian attacks was a nice touch (plan to play a game with continuous massive battles).

    4) Re Plague In original game Callisto was always my first colony and so first to get plague resulting in a race to get the vaccine to it in time. In this game Saturn was hit first and completely wiped out, being a mutant colony I couldn’t just scrap a ship to repopulate it. The idea of a note saying we’d be training “the elderly and the young” was very neat.

    5) New Technologies, I can’t remember how many of those were new but they made the old game seem very modern.

    6) The attack on Mars was just WOW. I mean I loved it in the original game, this was all different but something I’d want to do again.

    7) Ok, I admit I didn’t like the generators being destroyed in martian attacks with no note about it BUT both my parents lived during the Blitz. Once I realized what was happening it wasn’t a problem. (Plus I work for TESCO and we have things disappearing from our back stores all the time 😉 )

    I don’t know if either of you come here anymore (your last post was a year and a half ago) but if you do then know that your work is still giving folks pleasure.

    Thanks again

    • glitch01 says:


      Thank you for your comments, and yes Rick and I do read all comments that are posted even though we do not always reply. I’m glad to hear that you found enjoyment in the game and especially in some of the modernized changes we made. It has been a long time since I’ve personally played this remake but feedback like this makes me want to dust it off again.


  98. Andreas Gerlach says:

    Please anyone – convert it for Intel Mac. The Settlers 10th Anniversary, for example, never was for the mac. Now I play it on my Mac Pro.

  99. Sean B says:

    Love the remake, just had one question:

    have you considered releasing the source code to the community so that others with more time can fix the bugs or possibly add new features?

  100. Sean B says:

    – Forgot to add this part.

    If this became and open source project, the game you guys slaved forever to create could last forever. So many old games I loved long ago could still be enjoyed if the source had been released long after the projects became unprofitable.

  101. Newcommerin says:

    Hello everyone!

    I played it as a child on an Amiga (and in german ;)) and was glad to find it now for PC. At the beginning I was happily amazed about finding the old graphics and the increddible “Habitat-Sound”, I love that one! I just can’t play it any further: ;(
    First I had a time violation (the clock is not ticking anymore) but it still worked.
    Then I got some memory violations (cause ships were listed in Shuttle Bays where they are not!) and now the buttons of ships in hangar doesn’t work. I can’t name them, assign crew or got to the “load/unload” screen. But the launch button still works, saying “Name this ship…”.
    Does anyone have a clue to it? I am playing on a laptop with windows vista.

    Thanks so far, for some old memories coming back again!
    P.S. Please excuse any faults, I am german. 🙂

    • Fenrir Wolfganger says:

      Hi Newcommerin, its a good idea to have a quick look over the previous messages as several bugs are discussed along with how to get past them. Regarding your two though, the time one… just ignore it. Time moves on anyway, especially when you use the time forward buttons. As regards accessing the ships, that can be annoying and frequently you have to pull out of the hanger and reaccess it again. It helps to not have extra ships in the hangers, if a ship isn’t in use leave it in orbit out of harms way.

      Hope these help, with a bit of perseverance you can keep playing without having to reload and there are some great times ahead of you with the game.
      All the best

    • MadGabZ says:

      Newcommerin: Please, observe You’re playing this game from within Windows VISTA (64bit perhaps?), whereas the game is probably made to run on XP!!
      I have experienced NO problems running this game on XP, please go and set the game to run in XP 32bit compatibility mode!!!

      Thanks for an awesome remake!!! 😀

  102. says:

    help i cannt get to the ships around the main planets like earth, everytime i prees on them i get a memory access voilation

  103. Marcel Schaffer says:

    THX Steve and Rick, for that Remake. Not sooner than a few days ago, I came across of this Game, which I played so dearly at the time of the Amiga 500. I can play it again at my advanced age! The improvements are really great! Many people did not really appreciate the sequel DEUTEROS, I couldn’t say that, I liked it too. I could only make almost the same comment as Fenrir Wolfganger already did. THX for the time You spent for that remake.

    Marcel Schaffer
    Vientiane, RDP Lao

  104. Marcel Schaffer says:

    It should not make any problems, to play this game on Win7. I have it run with Win7/64 Ultimate, but have it by default installed under Programs (x86), which means with 32 Bits.

    Marcel Schaffer
    Vientiane, RDP Lao

  105. Ercole Spiteri says:

    Anyone who likes Millenium 2.2 may be interested in this new game, see here:

  106. Arek says:

    Zajebista gra! Kurcze, na poczatku myslalem, ze nie podolam, ale jak przeczytalem krotki tutorial i zalapalem OCB, gra mi sie zajebiscie!

    THANK YOU for this great remake!
    Greetings from Poland!

  107. Jason says:

    I do not suppose there will ever be an amiga version of this remake? It would be so much easier for me to use an actual amiga.

    I managed to install it on a windows xp machine but I keep getting the error as soon as I try to start it:
    Unable to set graphics mode

    Just before this error comes up the screen mode does change and then pops back to the desktop with a small black window and this error over top of everything. Once I clear the error the black window (Assuming this is the game window itself) then closes.

    I have the latest directx 9c installed and games such as Civ4, RailRoad Tycoon 3, and Romance of Three Kindoms 11 will all play just fine on the hardware and directx I have installed.

    From searching around on this error it seems one good solution is to preset the exact resolution and color depth the game will expect to use on the desktop before starting the game so the game does not have to “get” any new modes to play. But I am not sure what modes it would need.

    So you know I also tried every combination of compatibility mode from Windows 95 to ME available in the properties of the executable file. I also lowered the hardware acceleration setting in the video properties to every possible setting and unchecked write combining but this all had no affect on the problem.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions on playing this game using a windows xp machine?

  108. Pakz says:

    I played the remake this weekend. I finished the game to. I played the game in the Amiga days to.
    The framerate was a little low but this did not matter a lot it seemed. I won the game on the first play. I think the save game feature does not save multiple saves. I could only save one file.
    Also, sometimes the mouse area’s did not seem to work. They did not respond and I could not rename a ship, but after I restarted the game they worked again.

    I found the mining ships micromanagement a bore. Clicking on mining each time. I stopped using the ships all together.
    This game is a real good remake. I liked it a lot and I played it up to 5 in the morning.

    Once I got the big Juggernaut build the game was quickly over. I barely remembered that the colonies declared independance.’

    One thing is that it is hard to figure out which planet/moon has the precious silver on it. I could not figure out which characters were of silver and I started colonies hoping to find silver there. Mostly there was no silver. Later on Mars had a lot of silver but then the game was almost over anyway. I did build a second fleetcarrier. Uranium was also short if I remember correctly. You needed those for the defense satelites. Again it is hard to figure out which characters describer which resource is on which planet/moon.

    Luckely the game is not that hard. The attacks are at a minimum and it was easy to stay stocked of defensive units.

    Good remake. I hope someone remakes Deuteros, since I liked that game even more then millenium.

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  111. LarsA says:

    The game seem to works fine on my crappy vista machine.
    I loved this game when I was young, I even bought the sequal “Deuterious”
    I found this remake while I was seeking for a game like this for Android.

    I came to think of this old game when I saw my kids game Farm Story on my phone where you are a gardener and planting plants, and after some hours you got a message that your plant are ready for harvest.
    Millenium2.2 is little the same way, and it whould nice to run it in “real-time” on the phone.

  112. Rogério Kauer says:

    I’ve found one final bug on the game: when doing the attack on Mars both the Moon fighters and Martians simply wandering around, not a single shot is fired. The screen simply is sitting there, with the fighters flying around doing nothing and game doesn’t evolve.

  113. Rhem says:

    i was thinking about millénium 2.2 today .. then i type it on google and what a surprise when i discover your remake !!!
    of course i download it immediatly and try it …i played on Atari ST at it and sequel Deuteros, and all i see now about youre remake is fantastik !!
    Thanks for this remake !

    (ps: sorry for my englis .. my english is bad).

  114. tobe mayr says:

    Wow, what a gem! Thanks man!

  115. Commander says:

    Hey guys, i’ve recently found this game and it’s awesome! But i ran also into the bunker bug, etc. Are there any chances, that they will be fixed in some day?

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  117. bafman says:

    Hey guys, tird to run it in wine emultaor and mouse cursor and fonts at certain points are garbled. How is font rendering done?

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  119. The Download isn’t working anymore… 😦
    Loved that game in my childhood ^^

  120. wilson logan says:

    All download links not working. I’ll host the thing for you for free. Mail me.

  121. Nilsson says:

    I always start my vacation by playing a round of this remake. Awesome! Of course bugfixes would be nice, but then I haven’y paid anything for this very nice piece of work.

  122. Johng648 says:

    Thanks for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on beekegdkgdak

  123. libtekhed says:

    Really looking forward to this. M2.2 was one of my favourite Amiga games ever. Those wanting the file can find it @DemoNews

  124. oyh says:

    Outstanding remake!

    Having said that, I would really like to mod some of its aspects.

    What is easily feasible (and what I’ve already done) is to replace the sounds with the origin 2.2 sounds (applies to generator, habitat, production, resources, space).

    But anything on top of that like changes to the data (adjusting research costs, supplement tech tree, production costs) or even changes to the functionality (ensure the 240 mars fighters take revenge) would necessitate access to the sources or some kind of modding framework.

    Given that the second option is probably not in scope for you, would you be willing to release (parts of) the sources in order to enable modding?

  125. hrb says:

    The Download Link is broken …

  126. Jim says:

    I cant get it to work properly. If I start a new game then the moonbase is under attack. The attack doesn’t do any damage but I get the “moonbase defence held!!” banner and cannot build fighters (they build but don’t get added to the fighters queue)

  127. Antonio says:

    Currently link is not working, can you upload it again??

    Thankz 😀

  128. Kolonel says:

    Heard Malher Adagio, C Sharp on the radio and it brought me back!
    Such an awesome game.

  129. HFrZ says:

    i tried it several times: at the expert level whenever i establish a colony and turn on a MK_X the game shuts down.
    “divide by zero”
    Any suggestions/solutions?

    • Fenrir Wolfganger says:

      Hi HFrZ, are these colonies on Mercury or Venus? If so its a bug with the Expert level, those planets were never meant to be colonised. Hope that helps.

  130. catman2k says:

    Wow what a blast from the past here. Only problem is I can’t play the game. I’m on Window 8 and have tried in compatibility mode and run as admin but for some reason most of the buttons I try clicking on won’t respond. For instance I can build a probe but when it’s done I click on ships then select the probe but when I try to click on name button nothing happens. I can research stuff no problem but certain screens seam unresponsive to me, I can’t click on most buttons. I really want to play this as I loved it on my old Amiga.

    • Rui says:

      Exactly the same thing happens to me. Also, if I start a game in normal mode, the “no damage” message never goes away and stay on top in almost all screens.

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  132. Hello, the whole thing is going perfectly here and ofcourse every one is sharing data, that’s truly excellent, keep up writing.|

  133. Andrew says:

    Did you ever end up posting a link to the updated game that fixes the integer bug for Mercury & Venus? This was one of my favorite games ever growing up and I love the remake, But I like to play on expert mode to get a good random game and sucks when I get some good resources on the inner planets.

  134. Thank you very much. What a amazing stroll down memory lane. Judging by the posts a lot of people like me, played it on the Amiga – and one other dude also liked the “habitat” sound. Ahh,,, those where the days. It worked fine on Win7 64bit and Win10 64bit pro. Played as “easy”. One question .. after Mars has been colonized a transmission comes from Leda that a fleet has been seen lurking around – anyone knows what thats about? Cheers!

    • Hi larsdirchsorensen, glad to see another player, as you say its a great stroll down memory lane. In the original the “a Martian fleet has been seen” message ment you were about to be hit by an fleet of 250 Martian fighters which was meant to kill everyone on moonbase and after this the colonies would start declaring independence. In this version we don’t have the final attack, sadly, but it does start the colonies declaring independence. Basically at this point our focus is to terraform Earth so the colonied are irrelevant. Hope that helps.

  135. TeeAn says:

    I guess I am bit late here but I found that Blitz3D is now free and available for Linux I was wondering if it would be possible for you to release the source code so the game could be ported to other platforms.

    Thanks for the great port!

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  138. Web Trans says:

    can anyone else upload the game somewhere?

    Millenium and Deutros are one of the finest all in one games ever made, and sadly not remade since invention.

    So any help on releasing this in internet is appriciated

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