It is DONE!

The game play is done! You can start from the beginning and play the game all the way out till the end. Of course there is some major bug work to be done and adding in all those nice graphics, sounds, and special effects that we put off in order to get the game in place, but other than that, this puppy is complete!

I’m not sure on how to put in pics so I’ll leave that to Steve to do. Definatly needs more screenshots 🙂


4 Responses to It is DONE!

  1. 1 6i ford ka says:

    1 6i ford ka

    I am Karin, very interesting article that contained the information I was searching for in Google, thanks.

  2. Dr. Dude says:

    Sheez talk about bugs… like… put something in ur bunker after a atack whit even a small damage…and poof…its gone

    And why the hell so much fighters? millenium is not based on fighing only! Colonize, mine… now your only busy building fighters and getting them to the colonies… whitch is not done fast engough so the colonie gets wiped! ON YEAH GOOD REMAKE!!!!…..not

  3. mtdew says:

    Sounds like you haven’t learned to balance your construction along with your expansion. Try building up a force of ships to have go along with the colony ship for immediate protection. The game is about management and allocation and finding a balance. The enemies attacks slowly increase in scale, unless you have stockpiled too many fighters. Then the enemy considers that as an imminent attack and launches a massive strike to reduce your forces.

    Of course, if you are completely unhappy with the game, then submit a Form 352b with proof of purchase and you will be immediately released from your obligation to have to play Millennium Remake. We will also refund your purchase money as well as an addition 50% of the purchasing price to compensate your for the loss of your time.

    At this time is a special bonus offer. For the mere cost of an annual wage you will receive updates and bug fixes as they come out. (Offer not valid to citizens of Earth and Mars)

    Thank you for your comments and we hope you enjoy any further gameplay.

  4. patuxai says:


    this was an appropriate answer of yours! A gamer, who does not like very much tough and balanced strategies.

    Marcel Schaffer
    Vientiane, RDP Lao

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