Save Game, Research — Crunch!

Glad to see that Rick joined in with the last post.  He certainly has the upper hand on me when it comes to the 3D so I was glad to work on the save game feature instead… at least that’s what I thought!  He mentioned that I finally got the save game working and I did.  As usual it was a very stupid mistake on my part but it seems to be working great now.

It seems like we’re to the point where half our time is spent fixing bugs while the other half is spent working on features that still need to be added.  I added the storage bunker today which revealed a handful of bugs that needed fixed in regards to the ability to store and transport fighter drones.  I seem to have gotten those worked out finally. 

I’ll be out of town for the rest of the week and when i get back it’ll be CRUNCH time as the deadline is fast approaching.

Rick has been busy adding finishing touches to the Research screens.  Here’s a screenshot:

Research Screen


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