Space Travel

I finished adding in the code to enable moving ships through space.  The basic concept worked out better than I had enticipated.  However, there were some bugs in our distance formulas that were supposed to determine the amount of time it would take to travel from one place to another based upon the current solar placement of planets and moons.  Rick came up with the formula and figures but there was a bug in the data that my code passed to his.  It took some serious work to figure out where the issue was but once we figured it out everything began to work great.

Here is a screenshot of the user interface used to set a ship’s course:

Set Course

Once the ship movement was in place we could then work on other aspects of the game, such as mining asteroids, and probing/colonizing other planets and moons.  Here is a screenshot of a ship that is mining minerals for the asteroid belt:


Rick is currently focused on the defense engine which is absolutely necessary to protect your colony from invasion.  And I just started adding in game events, which are key points/messages throughout the game.  Here is an example of an event screen:

Sample Event


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