Remaking Millennium

A little over one month ago I read that Retro Remakes was hosting another remake competition.  I contacted Rick (Mt.Dew) to see if he would be interested in dusting off his keyboard to join me in working on a project for this competition.  Rick and I worked together on another retro remake project, Emerald Miner,  a few years back and were surprised to take 3rd place. 

Rick liked the idea of another project.  After much thought and discussion, we decided to work on a game Rick had played back on the Amiga:  Millennium.

Now, with just a little over one month left, we are about 65% done with the remake and starting to feel a little of the pressure to have it completed in time.  Here are a couple screenshots to give you an idea of how things look:

Power Plant

Power Plant

Earth Orbit

Earth Orbit

Moon Base

Moon Base


One Response to Remaking Millennium

  1. Thomas Burns says:

    I would like to play, but its not working on my W7 computer.

    Unable to set graphics

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